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Our company offers property management at a fee of 10% of the monthly rent. We will also find a tenant for you at a fee equal to one months rent. Obtaining a quality tenant and maintaining good communications is essential in serving your best interest. Ask yourself:

"Can you afford not to have your home professionally managed?"

We are often asked by new landlords, "What does a property manager do?" Below is a list of several areas in which we specialize:

  • Qualify Tenants
  • Collect Rent
  • Inspect Property
  • Run Credit Checks
  • Arrange Maintenance
  • Transfer Utilities
  • Negotiate Leases
  • Prepare Monthly Statements
  • Take Legal Action, if needed

We can do as much or as little as you the landlord requests. After receiving the rent, we will pay your mortgage payment, deposit rent in your bank, or mail a check directly to you.

Not looking for full service property management? We can still help! We offer a variety of management services you can choose from. Call our office to discuss pricing for these services.

  • Lease only services: You show the property, advertise and find the tenant. We write the lease for you.
  • List only services: We list and market the property, schedule all showings, screen applications and prepare the lease. You take over the day to day management after a tenant is secured.
  • Management Only: We will take over full service management for those who already have a tenant.
  • Tenant Clean Up: Have a tenant that is not paying? We assist you in bringing the tenant current on their payment, inspecting the property and coordinating eviction if needed.

We hope this information will assist you. We invite you to call for a consultation to discuss your specific needs.